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Greetings from SoCal <with pics!>

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Greetings DT!

Yeeesh... I'm not even sure where to start here as it has been almost a full year of active searching for our new family member, before we FINALLY got her the last week of August. I guess I could prolly start by saying T H A N K Y O U ! ! !

Seriously, as far as forums go the DT community is among the best out there. Just the wealth of knowledge alone is impressive, but the willingness of members to share and offer constructive advice all the while respecting other's opinions is rare online nowadays.

And not to sound like some cheesy Grammy awards or anything, but cmon yall there has been a LOT of time and effort put into finding our companion/pet dobe and not just by us... so --> SPECIAL THANKS!!! to:

~ Murreydobe - my gosh the amount of posts I read from Murrey on breeders in our area?! I've grown fond of her well informed and no holding back style. And more importantly it was her out-of-state breeder recommendation that ended up being the right choice gahhhh!

~ Pat Lacour of Montwood Arista - after extensive research, the only breeder I would go to for a dobe pup in Cali. Incredibly helpful and RESPONSIVE (indeed a rarity in breeders wtf?)!

~ Holly Schorr at PennyLane in Las Vegas - we spent more time on the phone with Holly than with any other breeder and she coached us through some key decisions in our dreadfully long search! I would recommend any serious puppy-parents-to-be in the region reach out to her.

~ And it was Michelle Santana & co-breeder Teresa Ross of Foxfire that finally came through for us thankfully as our little Krookie Monster is just absolutely perfect for us. We could not have imagined anything better!

So it was just my wife (her pics - also says she's coming for a spot on the calendar watch out!) and I with her 3 cats until the circumstance and living situation allowed for us to bring a dobe into our lives... which we have wanted for as long as I can remember. A stepping stone toward having children if you will and wow is it ever?!

I know you all aren't much for pics around here so I won't even bother... J/K!

Meet 'Krooked'! A Foxfire girl --> Foxfire's Up In Smoke x AM.CH. Foxfire's Got Allota Love, RN

12 week Doberman pup at play! - YouTube

"Oh hai, nice to meet you too."
"Wait what's that?"
"Weird dog has antennae?"

Laziest office assistant evar!
: )
"So what time is kick-off again?"
Go Chargers!!!!
Daggum Patriots grrrrrr...
Whoa this place is new?!
"Oh my gosh the PERFECT shot wait noooooooooo!"
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LOL!! OMG your last pic...I have A TON of those shots! She's awesome!
OMG she's a keeper!!!!
The photos are beautiful, you have an "eye" for them!
Welcome and Congrats on your pup!
She's beautiful!!!!:D
She's adorable! Loved the video of her battling the banana? plant!

Glad your long wait finally paid off. It's hard to get a quality dog. We are getting a male puppy from Foxfire weekend after next and can't wait.
Congrats on the new pup!!! She's beautiful. Love the pics.
Congratulations! She is beautiful!
Congrats on belonging to such a doll face girl!
Welcome neighbor - what a beautiful girl you've got there! Love the airplane ears photo (and all the photos). She looks like a real charmer.
Hello and Welcome to Doberman Talk!!

Congrats on your new puppy!

Hugz to Krooked!
Wow, what a cutie! Congratulations!

Um could you maybe post more pictures please :biggrin:
It's so refreshing to hear from someone new who spent a lot of time reading and learning and then found an ethical breeder to support.

Congrats on your pup. She's a doll.
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Congrats on your new addition, and welcome from CT. She is such a cutie pie!
Hi and welcome to the forum from PA. Gorgeous pictures and a gorgeous puppy.
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and kind words!
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