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Hi Everyone

I am writing to you from Switzerland.
My German Pinscher died last January and I got my Dobermann Puppy in March of 2014.
We got our Dobermann from the UK - Nottingham.
I did a lot of Research regarding Breeders, I had originally planned on a puppy from the USA, but it was too complicated with the shipping of the puppy and the cropping/Docking (which is illegal here).

I then contacted ARITAUR Aritaur Dobermanns - Breeders of Dobermanns for Work, Show and Pet and they didn't have any puppies, but got me in touch with JODASEEN and Family Dorkes which bred Champion HUGO of Jodaseen/Aritaur and Juno of Jodaseen.
All of them couldn't have been nicer and more helpful - answering all questions and interviewing me whether I also fit their Criteria for a good owner.
I am more than happy with my Red Male. He is a gem and super friendly to Dogs and People.
They are having another litter in February. I can highly recommend them!
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