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Graduation day

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Well, Bumpy got his graduation certificate today, although I think it may have been more of a completion than a graduation. He did better than I expected in the show ring - got a 135 out of 140, but was time for sit/stay and down/stay and apparently "stay" was not in Bumpy's vocabulary today. He was the only one in the line up of 10 dogs that decided to get up midway in both stays, which disqualified him from passing those areas. After he got up from his down/stay he decided to roll over on his side,roll over on his back and then enjoy the feel of the grass on his I have to find humor in this since he has always been really good in both of those areas until today.

Then, we decided to do the CGC test, and my big man decided that he didn't want his feet touched, bucked like a horse, barked and did not pass......uggggh. Any advice on how to work on getting him to not freak out when his front feet are touched? I was so upset that he did not pass.......I am redoing the class starting next week.
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Congratz to bumpy on his graduation! I am sorry he did not pass his CGC. I guess just try getting other people,(friends, friendly strangers) to ask him for his paw or pet them.

I would like to get Strike a CGC and have been working with him and I am wondering do you think the cgc class is a good idea?
Congrats on graduation. Good for you for taking him to class. A redo class is a great idea and one that many people do. He will be a star the second go round.
As far as the sensitivity to the feet. Keep touching--when he is good (being still) start feeding those treats. You can do this often throughout the day. When he is good for you, have others do it.
As far as the test or a ob judging, have him tired before the test ( a good long walk or a tiring play session before hand might help) He is very young and keeping that energy in check is a hard thing for him.:)
Congrats on the graduation!
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