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Gracie's_Mom said:
I am very accident prone myself. When I bit my tounge it freaking hurt, if I ever bit it hard enough to bleed I would probably cry. She didn't even so much as yelp or anything.

My brother told her that she is a doberman and can take the pain. I guess he was right. I guess I am the one that can't take the pain. Lol. Figures.
Well, first of all, dog's tongues are completely different then ours, so I don't think it's a fair assesment of the pain involved to compare that to one of us biting our tongue.

2nd of all, your bro is right :) I bet the entire time you were freaking out trying to figure out why she's got blood on her, she was prancin around, big smile on her face, thinking watcha doing human? are we playing a game? are we? are we? watcha doing? you wanna look at my paws? oh this is fun? what'da ya wanna do next? huh? huh? this is fun! :p
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