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I'm glad everything is alright with Gracie.
I don't know if we have a problem with Max or not. Our new neighborhood, all the backyards are fenced. Max has a new girlfriend, Sophie, a couple houses down. He never really paid much attention to her, but one day when we were playing, Sophie barked. Max stopped, sat down, & stared at her for about 30 minutes. Then one day, we were trying to go for a ride, Max went running into the neighbor's yard so he could get nose to nose with Sophie, only 1 fence between the 2 of the. He tried hard to not come with me & Sophie was very mad at me for trying to make him go. I also noticed Max gets very mad when Sophie's parents raise their voices at her.

Max has also become very territorial in his new yard. His fence is about 20 feet from the sidewalk, but he makes alot of noise when a dog is being walked past....
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