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Well I have worked with Gracie on drop it since the day I got her. She drops what ever she has when you use a very stern and loud tone of voice. Well today I had my boss and another girl I work with over. I gave Gracie a treat and I knew by the way she was holding it in her mouth that she was going to choke on it. So I told her to drop it calmly and I was standing over her getting ready to pull it out of her mouth. Well Gracie dropped it the first time I told her to, and she then picked it up and carried it to me and gave it to me. She placed it in my hand. I was so proud of my girl. :dancing_b

Also while I had company over, she listened to my every word. Which she has never done. If I told her to go lay down she would go to the living room then come right back into the kitchen or where ever we were at. But not today, I told her to go lay down once and she went into the living room and laid down. After a few minutes I told her she was a good girl and call her back over to us. My boss and my co-worker were so impressed with my girl. I will also have to admit that I was also impressed. My boss made the comment that we need to work on training our employees to listen to us as well as my girl did.

Also I had the weekend off from work so it was the perfect time for hubby and me to get out and go for a walk, so of course we took Gracie with us. I set her up for a heel and told her to heel, we had to remind her a few times during each walk. We took her for 5-7 walks over the weekend. I also tried to do a loose leash walk, and let me just say she did wonderful for 5 or 10 minutes. Then she realized that it was a loose leash and tried to step out of position, so I went back to the normal walking. Then I would do loose leash, then normal. Through out the whole walk about 1/4 of the time was all loose leash. I think she is almost ready to go to a regular nylon collar for walking. So I will be working on that this week. :)

Sorry this is so long. I just had to brag about my girl. :D :dancing_b
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