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Got him!

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I am en route home from picking up my black and tan doberboy from Wisconsin. It's been a long time since I first wanted to get a dobe and I can't believe he is finally at by side. I know this post is worthless without pics and I'll upload some when we get home. In the mean time I just had to post my news! He is amazing. Mellow, sensitive, attentive, playful but not out of control (I know that will come :) ) so far he has exceeded my lofty expectations. I am so glad to officially be a Doberman owner, or rather owned by a Doberman :)
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Congrats!! We cannot wait to see pictures!
CONGRATS on being dobie-owned!!!!
Enjoy those cute cuddly moments but wait for it and always remember those memorable moments, especially when they test the waters.
Congrats on your new puppy. Yes, please post photos. Actually scratch and sniff photos for the puppy breath would be great.
How awesome! It is so exciting! Have fun with your new baby!
Name?? photos?? lol! Congrats, and enjoy all those sweet cuddly love filled puppy moments, because Im sure they will be followed by all sorts of challenges!!
Remember, FOCUS on the cute things he does and the good times as those help keep you from killing him during the teen stage. :) Congratulations!!!
His litter theme was "star" so we went with the call name Sirius. Now I know a lot of people associate that w either satellite radio or Harry Potter, but we picked it because Sirius is the dog star - the brightest in our night sky, and it means "guide" or "guardian". I'll upload pics soon. I have to create an acct at a hosting site first etc.
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Harry Potter fan here. ;) lol love the name regardless!
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