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got a great deal!

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Finally found a butcher that will grind a chicken for me bones and all.. Yeah! Have to drive an hour but it is worth it! $1.40lbs.. Not bad I think.. Also a few friends gave me some deer meat that they were not going to use FREE!! and a Beef brisket at the store for only $1.12lbs.. Yeah! So Sunday is grinding day.. I grind the Deer with the Beef, beef hearts, kindeys, liver, turkey, chicken, and vegs.. freezer pack it all and the dogs are happy happy happy.. May even look for some fish to put with it.. boy the dogs eat so much better than hubby and me.. but they are worth it!!!
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And the dogs look and feel better for it,I have noticed a difference already in 1 week,more so in the baby but she has had less dried food than any of the others.
I was wondering why you grind it all? Their teeth don't get the benefit from the bones that way...... I'm hardly ever able to find cheap beef.... bummer, good for you.
Grinding the raw food is fine and it still will keep the teeth clean, the key is raw. It is not necessarily the bones that keep the teeth clean. Raw food does not stick to the teeth like kibble therefore there is no build up and the enzymes in the food react differently I think. You could always provide recreational bones also. That is a good deal on the meat, ******* eat's better than me to!!
I grind and also feed meaty bones.. Spirit is still a gulper at times so I grind.. also I am so happy that I can see what goes into their food.. But hubby and I were laughing on the way home.. saw a field with at least 20 deer and 2 large turkeys... thought boy.. dog food.. hubby said he found a dead rabbit frozen on the mail route and thought HMMMMM I wonder if the dogs could eat it.. LOL.. Never look at road kill the same now...LOL
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