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goopy eyes

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Hi all,

I have noticed every so often throughout the day, Sherman has some white "eye goop" in the inside corners of his eyes. I dont think this is entirely normal. Any suggestions? They're like sleeping-eye stuff... Thanks all.
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Java gets bad eye goop in the spring and I chalk it up to a reaction to the pollen in the air. It's also a good reminder to change out the air conditioner filter frequently to keep out the construction dust (does it EVER go away??).

Java contracted conjunctivities at the dog park last year (goop all throughout the day, not just worse in the am) and it was not fun, altho' she was pretty good about allowing me to put the antibiotic drops in her eyes. Keeping a separate stack of washcloths (bulk at Target) just for her use came in handy, would separate them from the family towels and wash them separately in hot water. Just be sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterward after cleaning pup's eyes, etc. even drying on a paper towel and tossing it. Can be transmitted to humans through the bathroom towels. Also, wash favorite snuggle/crate blankets frequently until pup is better - you don't want Sherman to re-infect himself accidently.

Who said Dobes were less work than kids...??? lol

Hope it's just allergies and nothing more serious.
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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