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goopy eyes

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Hi all,

I have noticed every so often throughout the day, Sherman has some white "eye goop" in the inside corners of his eyes. I dont think this is entirely normal. Any suggestions? They're like sleeping-eye stuff... Thanks all.
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I'd recommend trying a diet change also... Frankie's allergies make her eyes run (amongst other things). I don't know dobes, though, but it'd be worth a try. There's some good quality foods out there to try. We currently use Natural Balance duck & potato, or I use Wellness venison, duck, or fish.

It's an especially bad allergen year here in the NW...
Frankie is allergic to beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, corn, wheat, peanuts. These I know for sure by testing them myself... I also think they're very common allergens excepting the turkey, that's an odd one. :)
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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