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Good Dog vs Bad Dog...

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Just my opinion, but I think a good dog knows its place in the family pack. Respects the leaders place, and knows their own place. Also accepts the items that are given to them.

A Bad dog doesn't... See my problem....

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How how cute Kratty LOL what a spoiled rotten little girl you have there!!! and that's OK too :)
Reminds me of my little monkey.....
That's too funny!!! Might as well give up!
Ha ha ha!!!! She and Petey would make a very fine pair!!!! I am just falling in love with her....I love dogs with a ton of spunk!

Carol & Petey!
LOL that is funny, & it reminds me of a certain someone in my house
Too cute. Sounds familiar though. . .Isabelle has a chair in the family room that she had deemed her's along with the love seat. She left us with the couch & recliner. So at least everyone has a place to sit :)
That is too funny! Cole has his favorite spot on the couch in the family room. If I am sitting there, he stands right in my face and whines! Hubby makes me move. (Can you imagine that. Then he complains that *I* spoil Cole.) If you are company, he just gets up there and sits on you. ;)
I see nothing wrong with the new seat of her choosing. The green bed looks pleanty big enough for you to share with Nikita.
Good news; Before long Alexis is going to be too big for that chair.

Bad news; She's going to sit there anyway.
I laugh when they stand there and have the look of. "Well get off of that chair it is my favourite don't you know by now and when your gone I lay there all the time and the couch too in the other room".
Those pics of yours tell it all. I guess that is why we say they are part of the family. :)
That is way too funny and way too cute!!! Don't you just love 'em?!!! x
She will learn I am sure. Maybe she just wanted to be by herself??
LOL... what a good girrrl Nikita...

Am laughing at Chaz too. :D
LOL, very funny! What a spoiled little girl!
That looks so familiar, I have that same problem except with both dogs. :)

They are all spoiled aren't they?
Too funny, I see if more as a smart dog who knows the best chair in the house and the dumb on who didn't get to the chair quick enough.LOL
You know it's not her fault.........couldn't you hear that faint whisper from the chair saying to her...."uuuuuuuuse meeeeeeee."
She's only lounging where she'll a few ore months.....she'll realize her big ass can't get comfy in that chair anymore. LOL

So please update this when she squeezes her hiney up there.
I am still trying to see your point,i mean if you want to sit on the girls chairs just ask nicely,yeah i know they won't listen but politeness costs nothing does it?And anyway what is wrong with sitting on the floor? I do it all the time:):):)
Yes and it looks like those good dogs of yours are roughin' it. :vacat::swing1:
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