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Giant tongues

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Diesel has the most enormous tongue! Didn't realise how big until I took a photo today and compared it to Abbie.
Here is Abbie panting

and here is Deez

Can anyone beat that? Deez does have an advantage as he has no canine tooth that side to hold it back!! :tongue23:
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How's this one on Bam Bam.
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Blimey!! :eek11: How does that all fit in her mouth? :emo:
Heh, now that I am looking for a good one I cant find one.....but here's one from gallery from last summer.
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Wow! Is Bam Bam her stage name? And is her stage act legal?
Hang on.. I'm looking for a Gene Simmons pic right now...
LOL great pics guys
Let's see more!
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and here is a non dobe giant tongue shot lol. my boyfriends families dog shaggy...(duchess's boyfriend)

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My husbands english setter *Sophie*
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i hate when those long floppy tongues star whipping around and the saliva/water just flings all over the place lol

they really do have huge...cowlike tongues haha.
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LTH, that is cute how they are in "stereo" with those tongues.....LOL!
lol all these panting tongue pictures are making me tired just from looking at them lol. cause we all know the amount of activity that it takes to get those tongues hanging out like that! haha. in the summer at dog class...Duchess is always the one that isnt panting and keeping perfect composure lol....meanwhile the other dogs are drooling and panting lol. Duchess REALLY has to be having fun and burning energy in order for her to not be able to keep her composure. lol :p
Diesel looks like a young look at me, oh but I'm cute horny dude, and Bam, Bam looks like she had a good time and is exhausted. lol Just doesn't have the cigarette. I think the term is knackered. Sorry if rude but that is what came to mind. lol
Love all the pics!
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