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Ok, first off I am fairly ignorant about genetics in general. I know that genes are passed down, good, bad and other. Ideally, one would not breed animals with "bad" genes. Don't agree with it happening, but it does.
The Z list Dobermans are dogs that carry the Albino gene.
Why/How is it that there are some dogs on the Z list that are WP's?

Both of my Doberkids are rescues. It happens I love the breed and there have been a couple of rescues that came up at the "right" time. Malia has no papers, no history that I can confirm, no nothing other than she showed up at the rescue and I gave her a home. I love her like my own child, and try my best to give her a happy life. Magnum is a WZ dog. Previous owner registered him. Gave him up, Now I have rescued him. I love him like my own child as well.

All of that said: Magnum's "Great, great granddad" was/is Scott's Silver Spectre WP35441205 Blue & Tan. He is on the Z list, but is a WP. Everyone else of that generation on both sides are WP, but S's Silver Spectre is the only one of them on the Z list. Shouldn't Spectre be a WZ?

Is it just to be assumed that he was registered (wp) before genetic testing occurred?
What are WS, WR, WP?
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