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How are you all? Thank you for accepting my membership. I've been a Dobermann owner for over 30 years. 5 of these wonderful dogs in total.

I currently have a 16 month old male called Max. I picked him up from a breeder in NSW. He's been part of the family for just 2 months. He was trained for show. His bloodline is impressive with grand champions and champions.

Prior to him I had Jake. Sadly, he fell victim to wobblers syndrome and I had to make the heartbreaking decision to let him go. He was such a sweetheart. I didn't want to deal with the grief. It tore me up so the next day I made the 600km round trip to pick up Max. His pedigree name is "Chartruse." That particular litter was named after french liqueurs. Jakes pedigree name was Callum Bright Warrior.

Before Jake there was a beautiful female called Sheba. She was a rescued Dobermann. I took her at 18 months. She was easily the most vicious Dobermann I've ever had. Poor girl was horribly treated. I don't know exactly what was done to her, but everytime I picked up a hose or a broom she would disappear. With her we had to get help. We contacted an organisation called Bark Busters who train you to train your dog. 10 minutes with this bloke and she was a different dog. This was the moment I began to learn about canine psychology. When you realise it's necessary for you to understand the dog then the dog can begin to understand you. Makes training them a whole lot easier.

Saxon and Butch go back to my teenage years. Not highly trained just good family members that had playful spirits. In fact there were 3 Dobermanns in the street. They got along famously. Not many break and enters in our street.

That's pretty much my Dobermann history in a nutshell. We're now enjoying Max and he fits in perfectly. However, because he was only trained for show all the formal training is up to me. But that's OK. It's all part of the wonderful journey of owning the greatest breed of dog on the planet.

I have a YouTube channel where Max and Jake can be viewed including my trip to pick up max.

AustraliaYouBeauty's Channel - YouTube
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