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Hey everyone, I found this site after looking something up on Google cause my boy, Rosso, isn't feeling to well. But I'll post that up in another section shortly.

I'm Brett, my wife, Khadine and I have a 4 year old Dobie who has turned out to be our best mate. We got Rosso from 8 weeks old from a breeder here in Perth and he's just an amazing boy. I've had dogs before but never in my life have I ever experienced a dog with such personality and affection. Khadine has never had a dog before and she was hesitant at first but now you'll find it very hard to separate the two of them!

So I'm hoping to find some info here and just have a good ol' chat with fellow Dobie owners. I've seen some amazing video's on YouTube of dobermans and they truly are one of a kind!

Here's a couple of family shots but I'll put more up in the appropriate sections.



At just 8 weeks old

Oh yeah, he's happy

Rosso loves 4wding

And he loves the beach

But all that mucking around makes him tired

He's always been an adventurer

Rosso doesn't mind being a home-body as well

He makes friends easily

And is always polite

Hope to see more of you soon!
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