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Gastropexy preventative surgery and Bloat

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Has anyone ever gotten "gastropexy" preventative surgery for their Dobermans, or known someone who has??? My vet scared me a little last night describing what "bloat" is in larger dogs. Is this preventative surgery a good/bad idea? Thanks.
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We had a good discussion about that just recently. Take a look at this thread:

I would definitely recommend it when you bring in a female for a spay--the vet is already in there, so why not?
For a male, the decision is a little trickier, because a neuter doesn't enter the body cavity and a gastropexy would be an extra stress for him.

There is a way to do a gastropexy laparoscopically, which is probably the best way to go for a male, but you'd need to find a vet experienced in the procedure.
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Gastroplexy was recommended (and done) for my last Dobe when he had bloat and required surgery and they did the gastroplexy during bloat surgery. And it was done again on my current Doberman at the same time when she was spayed.

I would definitely do it again in future for any deep chested dogs I own, ideally at the time of spay if they are a bitch. It's a little tougher with male dogs as Melbrod says, but perhaps the laparoscopic approach is an option.
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When Dax is going in for her spay which won't be for some time I am having the Gastroplexy I have decided to have an ovariectomy and at that time the vet will do the Gastroplexy. I will be going to a Vet Specialist for this procedure. There is a lot of info regarding this procedure on the internet and the many positives are there for me and Dax.
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