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For the past couple of days Toby has been taking his exercise nearer home so he hasnt been able to do his usual running around. So maybe that could be the reason he is so gassy.

I havent changed his food so I don't think it could be due to that. And he is fed a brand of food called COTAGRO Biscuits, which is crap but we really do not have any quality foods here. I mix Pedigree tinned meat with it or I puree liver and the like and mix, but for the past couple of days he has been having just biscuits and tinned meat. (He will not eat raw meat and won't touch Science Diet or Eukanuba [the closest we have to food I guess you guys get over in the US] so I give him what he will eat with plenty of supplements to help him overcome the poor quality of food).

I actually dug out my hubbys gas mask and put it on to see if it would help but unfortunately I found it will filter out things like Tear Gas but not Dobe fart. (hmmm, that's a thought, I could bottle Dobe Fart and sell it as one heck of a powerful WMD).

Toby does eat the olives and the carobs that he finds on the farm, so maybe this could be the reason he has gas, what ever it is, we need help and we need it fast.

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