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GAH - Double diarrhea.

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It must be that time of year, based on other threads I just looked at ... but after two weeks of this on and off, I'm losing my mind ...


Long story short, I recently did my dog food research and decided to switch the kids from old stand-by Purina One to Merrick's Before Grain (Buffalo). Switch them over about the course of a week with a blend of the old Purina. Picked Merrick because I read it appeals to picky eaters - I definitely have picky-ish eaters.

Last week, they both started having diarrhea on and off. It didn't seem to happen right away so I didn't connect it right away to the Merrick. Also, I'd given them a couple butcher bones around the same time, so I thought maybe the bones were too rich for them ... Then, they'll seem "normal" just long enough (1-2 days) that I think they're okay and then presto! one of them has another round of diarrhea! Making it more complicated, I can't always tell which dog it is ... for instance, I was following one around in the (dark) yard this morning, trying to watch her poop, and giving her only chicken and rice, and yogurt, and probiotics ... and then the other has diarrhea during the day today.

I seriously feel like I'm losing my mind. One is bad enough - but two - and my inability to figure out who has the problem - gah!!!!!

Btw - they seem normal, energetic, drinking lots, etc. other than the on and off poop problems.

What would you do? Do you think it's definitely the Merrick? Has anyone else had problems with this food? Would you take them both off everything but chicken and rice, but then what kibble would you re-introduce?
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boo to the poopies. If they were doing well on Purina One, perhaps stick with it. Pumpkin works great for poopies as well as constipation.
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So sorry you're dealing with this. Diarrhea is no fun! I also second the pumpkin suggestion. Elke has a sensitive tummy too; the food she does well on is Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach. Whatever agrees with your dog is my philosophy - I tried more expensive special food too and it led to diarrhea too!
Try keeping them on chicken/rice till they are okay then try the Merrick again and see if they get diarrhea again. If they do, back to chick/rice, then try Natures Variety Instinct. There arent a whole lot of ingredients in it, mainly just meat so might not upset them. It is one of the few Parker can eat with his allergies. Sorry about the poopies...ugh!

we recently went thru this w/our girl trying to switch food. I would take them off it, cook for them, then if you try it again & you get a repeat(time that for when you're home).

In our last case I was wanting to switch our girl off S/D dd Salmon/potato(script food) to Orijen 6 fish....

Good luck stopping the flood.
I would suggest that since

1. you didn't have this problem until you switched
2. you managed to grow a champion based on Purina ProPlan

that you should therefore switch back. I am a raw feeder because that is what works for my guys, but I also advocate feeding what works for your dog. Do the C&R, make sure you use only a small amount of yogurt or none at all, add enzymes and probiotics and after 3 days start adding back kibble. After a week, you should be totally back on kibble.
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