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I lost Simon last Sunday night. I was so stupid. I forgot to check the barrier that keeps him out of the laundry room before letting him out. I KNEW he was an escape artist, I KNEW he had to be kept out of the laundry room or he'd find a way out and I straight up didn't even think about the barrier being down that day. I don't even remember when or why I took it down, but I was supposed to ALWAYS check it before I ever let him out of the cage. It was maybe 30min or so later when I realized and raced outside, but unfortunately for Simon a neighbor's three large dogs were out loose as well and found him first. He was still warm when I found him, not moving but without obvious external injury and I thought I saw him breathing (now I wonder if it wasn't just the wind in his fur and my own wishful thinking) so I raced him to the E-vet just in case but he was gone before I got there.

I've made a lot of stupid mistakes in my life. I've never before made one so stupid that my beloved pet paid for it with their life. I ... don't know how to go on from here. I owe it to Delta and the girl-ferts to not slack on their care, but I don't trust myself with a pet rock at the moment. How am I supposed to care for a newborn in a few months when I can't even keep a ferret safe??

More on Simon
I got Simon in mid-2010. He had been an owner surrender and the vet office was keeping him there, until they talked me into taking him home. (admittedly, not exactly a hard sell. ;p )

Simon loved going outside on leash (in fact I'd just taken him with me to the pet store Saturday morning, where he happily investigated everything and knocked over a couple of bottles of dog shampoo. >.<) He especially loved snow - these pics are from Christmas in Ohio. I've never seen another ferret that would walk on leash so well.

He was also always very calm about being held - I could let anyone hold or pet him and he'd just hang out. If someone asked about the ferrets, Simon was the one I'd pull out for introductions.

He was plenty playful when you pulled out his squeaky toys, though! He was a master war-dancer and loved to steal and hide rubber squeak toys. It didn't matter if it was supposed to be one of Delta's toys - he'd hide it, then move it to another hidey-hole later. Eventually Delta would find it and the process would start all over again...

He was such a joy to have around, and a comfort when I lost Bandi. He deserved a better end to his tale.

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I'm so sorry.
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