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A friend's 7.5yr old female Dobe went in for surgery yesterday on a lymph node that was determined to have cancerous cells in it. Scanned the body and found she's "full of nodes". Vet did further scans to determine the source, thinking at this point "lymphoma would be the BEST to hope for." Cannot find any other source for the nodes. Ultrasound tech and vet both raised the outside possibility of a specific fungal infection found in other regions of the country. (We're in New Hampshire) and asked if the dog had ever been down south.

What the heck could do that? I lived in AZ and am slightly familiar w/Valley Fever, and I googled and found references to Cryptococcosis and Blastomycosis, but I'm at a loss.

Waiting until Mon for testing results, but I can't sit around without asking other Dobe owners if they are familiar with this?
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