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Its summer (in most places), it's hot, give us your frozen treat ideas and recipes!

Here are mine:

Breakfast feast:

Large water bottle
Chopped apples
Chopped carrots
A few strawberries
Breakfast kibble
Fish oil

Pour fruit and veggies in a large water bottle (top cut off), fill half of bottle with water, let freeze. Once frozen add kibble and supplements, fill with just enough water to hold kibble in place. Freeze, cut off bottle and enjoy. NOTE: make sure there are more fruit and veggies than water, ice is known to fracture teeth.

Sweet tooth:

Small collapsible rubber bowl (Cesar Millan bowl)
Greek yoghurt
Water melon

Add one to two tablespoons of yoghurt into bowl, add water and mix thoroughly, add a drop of honey. Chop up melon and add till mixture is brimming. Freeze. (I use rubber bowl because of its shape and how easy it is to pop out the treat.

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we freeze marrow bones and given them to the dogs frozen ... they like those. be very careful with honey - just like with children, honey should not be given to young dogs. when they are adult (in Dobes, that's at least 1 1/2 - 2 years), they can occasionally have very small amounts - probably not more than a teaspoon every several days. raw, unprocessed honey has wonderful nutrients, enzymes and health benefits, but it's not particularly good for dogs to have much of it.

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Here's one that Indy loves.

1 mashed banana
32 oz plain yogurt
2 tablespoons of honey (or less now that I see lolo's post regarding too much honey)
2 tablespoons of peanut butter

mix in blender or food processor - I used a smoothie maker and pour into dixie cups then freeze.
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