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Frisbee Dobie

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Here are a couple short video clips of Mensa catching Frisbees at the local dog park:

These were shot with a digital still camera. I'm still amazed at what I'm getting with this little camera!
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Wow - she's good. I too am impressed with your new camera I may just have to get one :) Looks like you guys had a fun day!
Wow, Mensa's good at that! My dobes have always been a little clumsy and don't do very well with catching balls or frisbees (but they do try!).
She's so cute! I just HAVE to say, though... please please be careful. Make sure she's warmed up and if conditions are at all slippery maybe use a ball instead. My Frankie blew out her knee at age 6 catching a Frisbee. She absolutely ADORED Frisbee all her life, but you know, I don't know if I'll play Frisbee with a dog again. :( So sad... It's just so high-impact and they end up zig-zagging everywhere. I know a million dogs have done Frisbee without injury, but have to share my story anyway. Not trying to be a downer- just a little cautionary so maybe you can avoid repeating my story. She really is gorgeous and looks like she loves it!
Wow she is great at frisbee!! I loved the videos!!

I miss having a frisbee playing dog sooo bad. My golden I had years ago was an excellent frisbee dog. It is too bad we never entered her in any competitions because she was really good at it.
Thanks Bean.

Like your Frankie, Mensa is nuts about Frisbees.

While as you know there are no guarantees, I am pretty careful about where we go to toss the disc. Even though I have a huge yard, it's definitely NOT the place to play fetch; no flat areas, and alot of holes (I wonder how THOSE got there), and trees everywhere.

The good thing about this park, unlike some parks, is it's totally flat, grass covered, and very few obstacles.

But you won't see us doing any flips or somersaults going after Frisbees. That's for the small dogs.
Looks like she's ready to join our Flying Dobe Frisbee Club - Nikita is the president and Chi aspires to take her place.

What kind of disc do you use with her? Kratty told me about a new one he got for Kita and I think I picked the same one up for Chi today. It's a Turbo Disc made by Booda - I think we're going to like it a lot more than the normal every day frisbees that can get really sharp after only a few catches.
Awwwh great videos! Mensa is a natural born frisbee girl!
What a girl you have there. Its time to hire a production crew and work on her first "epic". Don't they just love it.
Loved those videos! She is a natural.
Awesome Chaz! You really lucked out with that new camera. Mensa is a beauty :D

Do be careful with that back as she gets older. I had a GSH Pointer that was the frisbee king...on my wedding day he fell and then had back problems for the rest of his life. He was xtra large though...around 100 pounds and he got hurt at about 6 years old and lived close to 14, just no more jumping after the injury. My Weim Uno fell on Wet leaves while just running and rupured a disk at 6 and died of cancer 3 years later so I guess back injuries can happen anytime!!!


These are what we use:

They're cheap because they're rejects. the ones in the last batch have two advertisements on them, one stamped on top of the other. I have a dozen with an "Alpo" ad right on top of a "Dog Chow" ad.

We tried every disc I could find. I have two examples of just about every type made, some qutie expensive ($20 each!). I'm lucky Mensa settled on the cheap ones! These are $1.60 apiece. I buy them by the dozen. They fly well, even when thrown by a doofus like myself, and they last a long time because Mensa goes easy on them.

I always have to use two at a time. I use the second one to distract Mensa enough to drop the first one. Otherwise she wants to play "tug" and that will destroy a Frisbee in short order.

I've tried training her to "drop it" using her favorite treat as an incentive, but she wants nothing to do with treats when there's a Frisbee around. She will take the treat from me and spit it out! She wants that Frisbee.

I need to find one that floats because beach season is coming and a Frisbee that sinks will end up at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.
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lol I like how she looks to each side after she catches it like "What? no one else wants to chase the frisbee??" :)
Cool videos :) Red also loves playing frisbee but he hasn't quite figured out that he's supposed to catch it BEFORE it touches the ground, lol
I used to use the Floppy disc down the middle of this page- didn't hurt her gums and floats. Only out for actual Frisbee though so it didn't get destroyed!
She is fabulous!

Kevin wants Orson to do that so bad, but unless you throw it right to him he just waits for it to land then fetches.
Wow those are great.. Iris, Spirit and Gypsy love to play catch but will not go after a frisbee..
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