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So they have two mutts and they want to mix them and make even more mutts? WTF is WRONG with people?

The Chihuahua-mix will definitely have to have a C-section if being bred to a larger dog, and just the breeding itself may be very painful for her.

You could also try pointing to all the chihuahua and pug and beagle mixes in your local shelters (petfinder and are good resources for this, but I do not know if they include Canadian shelters?) and remind them that if they bring a life into this world, they are responsible for it for the rest of its life. (This can be a bit hard to sell, though, as people have blinders on and are so convinced that it'll never happen to THEIR puppies. And then since they don't track the pups into adulthood, they never have to face how wrong they were. *le sigh*)

With puppies there's always the possibility of parvo too - and treatment for parvo can be very expensive (talking possibly over $1k a pup here...)

You could go into all that goes into puppy socialization and care... but if they are like my coworkers they don't actually do any of it. And then the dogs turn out poorly socialized as well as poorly bred...

You could also start pointing out the benefits of spayed and neutered pets! And how it's easier to deal with a pet that never goes into heat and gets blood all over the house, and neutered males are less likely to mark inside the house - in addition to the health benefits!

Good luck!
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