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This girl Roxy passed away a looong time ago, but like to think about her on occasion and recite the poem below in my head when I do. She was my introduction to being a dog owner as well as to Dobes and Rotties, and was the perfect first dog. I didn't have her for long, but I owe her a lot. If not for her, I wouldn't have fallen in love with Dobes and would not have gotten my Emmy I think.

Here was my tribute to her (in the form of a poem), that I wrote when she passed away.

"Angel Roxy"

As soon as she came,
Into my life, she became,
An angel who loved,
Just as much as she was hugged.

Roxy and I had a special bond.
One so strong, just as much as she was fond,
of chasing the dog next door.
A bad habit that most abhorred.

When my smaller pet died,
Roxy and I felt we needed to cry.
When Roxy died I felt so bad.
Since then I have been so mad.

How could this have happened to her?
The thought stuck to me like a burr.

She was my little girl,
and I promised her the world.
I promised protection forever,
In return for just a little favor.
Everlasting love which would not be denied,
A request she kept till the day she died

Since this day, and for many days to come,
I won't forget her, until my time has come.
Until then, I will pray,
that she will come back to me someday.
Perhaps in another form,
she will come quickly, as a storm.

Roxy, you will be with me till I grow old,
And until then, my love for you will never be sold.


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MySoulmateEmmy - Very honest and authentic poem...thanks for the reflection.
- Roxy was a pretty girl

While not a poem, over a decade ago, I sent my breeder a personal email.
- I thanked her from the bottom of my heart...she trusted us and gave our family, our Amy / "our angle from heaven" I described
- she is slowing down now (turned 11 y/o), and when the time comes, I will dearly miss my heart-dog and cry like a baby
- she also taught me the meaning of true canine love and her dober replacement will be another gift, that will hold many of Amy's unique qualities
- because she has imprinted me with a training method that I will share onto another new puppy...and feel my old girls loving eyes, through the next 1

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that's still very nice of you :)

I am hoping that the Doberman Rescue I got Emmy from remembers her when she passes, because I wanted to send them a letter about her.
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