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Four Year olds Wisdom

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Some one sent this to me after I had to put Jake my Bouvier to sleep this is a shorter version.
A veterinarian told this story he was called to checkout a 15 year old Irsh Wolfhound name of Belker the owners Ron & Lisa along with their four year old son Shane. Sadley Belker had cancer nothing could be done for him I offered to come back the next day to do the euthanasia the beloved Belker in his home.When I arrived Ron & Lisa told me they wanted Shane to be in the room too would be a good learning experince for him.Everyone sat around Belker petting him & talking to him after Belker passed on .We were talking of how short our animal friends lifes were.Shane spoke up and said he knew why he said People are born so they can learn how to live a good life.---Like loving everybody all the time and being nice,right.Shane continued well dogs already know how to do that,so they do not have to stay as long.Live simply,Love generously,Care deeply,Speak kindley Leave the rest to God.
Thought that was a interesting way to look at the passing of our Fur Kids thought I would share it.
Patches Mom
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Could not have said it better Brum.
I will remember that Patches mom. Thanks for sharing.
A child with knowledge beyond his years.
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