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Found a lump on his neck..

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While I was giving Tankers one of his awesome rub downs just now , I found a rather large lump under his neck. I can squeeze my whole fist around it so it is a good size lump. It doesn't appear to hurt him at all but panic obviously sets in when you feel something like this.

Does anyone know if this is common or should I be frantically rushing him to the vet ?
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It might just be a lipoma (fatty tumor) but it's always best to have a vet look at any bumps/lumps for further evaluation.
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Just went thru this yesterday with my girl !! It is a quick check at vets for peace of mind.Dancer has a good sized lipoma on the inside of her back leg. But she is fine and I can breath now!! :)
Good Luck !
Is it where the lymph nodes are? I'd get him in ASAP but probably not use an ER vet if my regular vet wasn't open (hoepfully that makes sense). It could be nothing but could be as serious as lymphoma. But many things can cause lumps and swollen lymph nodes IF that is what it is.
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has he had blood drawn or a shot in the last day or so? when gus got blood drawn he got a big lump that went away as a result from the needle stick.
Like adara mentioned, if the lump is where a lymph node should be (underside of the neck, near the jaw) I would def go get a needle aspiration. It's an inexpensive needle stick that takes like one second, the vet pops it under a scope and hopefully it comes back as fat cells. Lipomas are super common, especially in older dobes. Totally harmless. Lymphoma first presents as a swollen lymph node. I have had both on my girl, supposedly there was a "feel" difference (lipoma=squishy, lymphoma tumor is harder), but I could never really tell the difference.
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