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Hi guys,

Whilst looking for a local dogs home to donate to, I came across a beautiful male doberman (named Thomas) that's in need of a foster home in the North West, UK:

Manchester and Cheshire Dogs' Home | GIVE A DOG A CHANCE

The doberman is likely to be located at the Cheshire branch as I did not see him at the Manchester branch.

I'll be honest, I have just visited the dogs home to donate some dog food, and I wasn't impressed. Considering it's the main dog's home in Manchester, I expected more. The customer service left a lot to be desired. The staff were unfriendly and looked like they didn't want to be there. I left disappointed, and actually regretting making a donation (I must remember it's the dogs I intended to help, not the people there).

Despite this, if there's anybody that could offer help to a lovely looking boy it would be a good thing. Check out the advert and please keep me updated.

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