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I found this article very very interesting. And its not really saying one is better or " more right " than the other, but its showing the dramatic differences in the European and NA Dobes

You will need to sign up to the database if your not there already. Dont worry, its free. But I think it could be useful to alot of breeders out there.

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A quote from the article:

""Investigations into the canine genome gives evidence of, that there today is a significant difference between the European and American bred Dobermann. According to (Parker et al. 2004) there is clear evidence of, that the American bred Dobermann is directly related to the Manchester Terrier, which is in accordance to all historical data connected to the breed. On the other hand, another research done into the genome of the European Dobermann (Leroy et al. 2009) gives evidence of, that the European Dobermann has no trace of the original dog breeds, but is related to that of the molosoid breeds as Bulldog or Boxer (see figure 3)."
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