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Food testing

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This is being done through my specialty store. They have all premium foods, raw etc.
I am signing up to have this done. If there seems to be any interest I will post.

Do you wonder if your pet could be harmed by
what he/she's been eating?

Would you like to know what food to buy that he/she
isn't allergic to?


Dr. Ava Frick, DVM and Chriss Bowman, Bicom Therapist will be available
on Sunday, April 15th from 10am - 4pm using computer technology and
biomagnetic frequency resonance designed in the BICOM 2000 therapy
system ( )

Therapy sessions will test major organs involved with digestion and toxic
elimination, and test food compatibility against the foods we offer. Or, you can bring up to 3 samples of what you're
currently feeding your pet to test for toxicity.

Know what's in your pet's food dish and feel safe

Test, Treat and Identify Session (30min.) We have LIMITED SPACE AVAILABILITY, and are offering this
opportunity to our customers before the general public.

Note About the Recent Pet Food Recall
Pet parents make the decision about which pet food to purchase based on
different criteria. Some shop strictly for price while others spend hours
researching what's healthy and what's not healty for their pet. Regardless
of what your requirements are, our personal recommendation is just
that....personal. We suggest avoiding ANY canned or dry food - including
treats - that contain wheat gluten until the mystery is solved.
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