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Took both my Dobermans, Roxie & Karma, to the vet, and learned a lot....

Roxie is almost 7, she is on thyroid medication, and Apoquel for chronic itching/allergies. I recently noticed a lipoma on her chest, and what might end up being a lipoma/sarcoma on her 'waist'. One side of her waist seemed fuller than the other, vet hopes it is a lipoma and not a sarcoma. Since Roxie needs thyroid medications, she probably is not absorbing all the nutrients from her food, making her recently start to eat her stools.

The part that might interest all Doberman we all know that Dobermans are often predisposed to Dilated Cardio-Myopathy (DCM). Vet states that some breeds of dogs that are predisposed to DCM cannot properly absorb enough Taurine and L-Carnitine from their diets. We have also seen that some diets, perhaps the grain free ones, might lead to DCM in breeds that normally aren't susceptible to DCM. The vet said this hasn't been proven yet, but he suspects that grain-free foods, that normally don't contain enough L-Carnitine and Taurine for dogs, are not optimal diets for dogs.

So the vet gave me a printout of supplements that can be found on Amazon, that contain Taurine and L-Carnitine

Karma IzABitch is my 1yo rescued Doberman, who had severe malnutrition and mange when I adopted her. She quite famously poops in 'crop circles' as my son calls them. She ended up testing positive for Giardia. So I started asking questions about IBS in dogs b/c my older one seems to have IBS when we go hiking. Vet says dogs don't just develop IBS, it is often the result of having Giardia or other parasites. The body is trying to fight off the Giardia/parasites, dog gets treated for Giardia/parasites, and gets better, however the dog's immune system is still trying to fight off the Giardia and that causes IBS.
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