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Flea control. Any suggestions?

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Ok, I know it is hard to believe but we never have any fleas, at least not for 10 years since ROxy was a pup. My son came over labor day and I know he brought some fleas to us (he has outdoor cats). I found several on 2 dogs, now I am pissed, they sleep with us! (DOgs not the fleas) :jonkel:

I am going to buy a natural flea shampoo but what do you use to control future outbreaks? Frontline? Advantage? I heard that one of them can cause a host of problems for the dog and a flea collar is out of the question, that is worse.

WHat do you use to control fleas and have you had any luck or bad reactions?
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I have always used frontline and have never had a problem until I put it on Chi. Now it could just be coincedence but she broke out in bumps a few days after I put it on her and the worst part was where I put it, right between the shoulder blades... It's been about a month now and the bumps are all but gone and she's regrowing hair where it got thin between her shoulder blades... Will talk to the vet about it on Monday but I'm thinking I'll end up trying something else for her.
I use Frontline for two reasons. One, I get it for free from the drug reps at work. lol Two, I find it to be the most effective against ticks, since we have such a problem with lyme disease in my area. Since I've been using it, I've never even seen a flea, let alone have a problem with them.

Believe me, if I could get away with a natural method to control the pests I would but the risk is too great for my dogs to contract a tick born disease to rely on something that's not proven.
I've used advantage for almost 7 years. My vet advised advantage, he said that frontline while very effective, gets into the bloodstream to work. So if your dog has a reaction to it, it can't be washed off, that's why Tracy, your girl reaction lasted so long. I only put it on like every other month, and I haven't had a flea on my animals in that entire time.

Advantage is less effective towards ticks, but it just isn't a problem in my area. Also advantage can be washed off if there is a problem with it, b/c it stay in the the sebacious oil glands rather then getting into the bloodstream, with a degreasing cleanser, like Dawn dish soap if there is a problem, but will stay on with regular shampoos so you can still bathe.

But I think evey product has that oddball dog out there that shows a reaction to stuff from time to time! :)
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GKar gets flea dermatitus(sp?) real bad from even a single flea and neither Frontline or Advantage would keep the fleas off of him. I started using FleaBusters powder in the house, you treat the carpets and furniture and have not had any fleas since I treated everything. I have not had to put any chemicals on him at all which I like.
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