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Prettydobie said:
I have a question I was always told that when you get a cat or dog fixed at a young age as they grow they will gain more weight then they would if they were fixed at a leter date. Is this true?

The reason I am asking is because since my uncle is probably moving inwith me and my mother we will have to get her fixed because of loki and eski his 2 dogs. They are both males and are sort of aggressive when it comes to trinity anyways. Trinity is almost 2 years old and i want to keep her at a healthy weight. So if I get her fixed now would I have to ajusted her diet so control her weight?
My female cat gained a good solid 8 pounds after she was spayed. Gracie I don't really know how much she gained after being spayed. I didn't have her at that point..

One thing that jumped out at me was your uncles dogs are aggressive towards Trinity? That really worries me!
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