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I have a question I was always told that when you get a cat or dog fixed at a young age as they grow they will gain more weight then they would if they were fixed at a leter date. Is this true?

The reason I am asking is because since my uncle is probably moving inwith me and my mother we will have to get her fixed because of loki and eski his 2 dogs. They are both males and are sort of aggressive when it comes to trinity anyways. Trinity is almost 2 years old and i want to keep her at a healthy weight. So if I get her fixed now would I have to ajusted her diet so control her weight?
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They aren't aggressive at trinity they are aggressive at each other but we are all thinking its because trinity is suppose to start her heat in about a month so she is probably putting out the smell. Loki use to not be this way with her and niether was eski. This is why we think its ebcause of her up coming heat.
I think there was another update on the site because i already put this up here and now its not here. My uncles dogs are fixed they have been since they were pups. I haven't made to appointment yet because as of this point I'm not sure how much I will be getting paid this month. My uncles that I am cleaning his shop and warehouse has decided to pay me and my mother more but we aren't sure if we will be getting that amount this month or next. It all depends on how much I get on my checks because if I don't have enough to go to my original vet I will have to find a cheaper one. Just for an original visit to my vets office just to get updated shots it cost close to 200 dollars if not a little over. Even if my uncles dogs are still acting aggressive towards trinity after this there is nothing more I can do because he is moving in one way or another and me and my mother don't have a choice. I am getting her fixed greenkouki I never said Iwasn't going to get her fixed. Also I have already stated in another post that I am NOT breeding trinity.
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Its mine and my mothers house but my grandparents pay the house bill. My uncle will never rehome his dogs. They aren't really trained either so befoer he left this evening i told him if he moves in here when he is not here his dogs will have to be somewhere else. Thats not a problem for him all of his friends are willing to watch his dogs.
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