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My name is Brittany Jones and I have 2 Rottweilers that aren't perfect and I am still working on after almost a year and a half of owning both of them. I have alot to learn and a lot against me with my location and my lack of knowledge on being a general dog owner.
I am willing to listen and give my opinion on something and don't mean to start any fights or agruments at all. I am a stay at home army wife with a loving husband that is gone most of the time because of work and he rarely has any time off so all the training and responsibility is on me, which i don't mind and I'm loving it.
My first boys is Ozzie the Crackhead or just Crackhead (I swear he named himself after not answering to anything else I tried and perked up and came right to me when i said Crackhead). I got him at the age of 7 months from a home that had him and his brother Bear but got rid of him for being the problem pup so they could move on base... I got him and he wasn't how they described him compared to his brother. Yes he had a few issues that needed addressed and was mostly fixed by the age of 1. He wasn't perfect by no means still pulled, still jumped, but listened and did a few little tricks and stayed by my side thru it all. Was even asked if I had ever trained dogs before with how good he was while something was going on.
He is not fixed and will not be getting fixed unless it is needed for health reasons. He is learning quite nicely not to mark while on walks and will not mark in the house. He is dog friendly with big or small dogs. Loves kids but our biggest issue is when he sees a ball or someone is playing with it... he will pull to get it and play with it but i'm glad that i have the harness that i do have on hims so he can't get to it and accidentally pop it. I know gotta work on it but he's use to try n play with every dog that we see on the street but now he will stop and just hold his spot and watch them instead of jumping and trying to get after them to play. we have even gotten to where we can pass some dogs that don't charge (cause they are on leash or tied up) and ignore for most part.... South Korea has lots of dogs off leash and it seems like Koreans don't understand that small dogs need to be on leash while walking around...
My other boy is Bear Bear, he came to me from the exact same family that I got Crackhead from but farther down the line and in terrible shape... This poor boy was extremely overweight at the age of 13 months coming in at 150 - 170. fixed, already had elbow surgery to remove a elbow sack thing from lack of exercise and over feeding... this poor boy couldn't even jump into our Grand Prix for crying out loud. Had a limp from a 20 minute walk around the parking lot. On a brighter note, he did come to me extremely gentle but bouncy and energetic. All he needed was a diet, exercise, and a little training. I will admit I babied him a good bit but it was more so I didn't push him too far with his limping or made it to where I had to carry him home. now he is energetic no limping for most part if i don't push him too far on walks like i do his brother. eating right and loves to play. can jump as high as my chest without trying now. He is a scardy cat when it comes to noises... not sure how to fix it but I will admit we are making some progress at least.
They are both 2 years old, don't pull much if any besides when ppl try to call them and they get excited (still working on it but kinda tough with Koreans that don't speak english at all). they both know sit, stay, down... still working on come but they walk way better on leash and are figuring out staying calm with people gets more love from them. ^_^ Oh and we are working on pulling a cart. right now we are at a little toddler sand toy wagon being pulled on a string and/or bars on either side of them so that the toy don't hit them. (one has taken to both like a pro the other isn't wanting the bars).
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