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First Time Carrying A Pack

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Reading about Patch's Mom getting a pack for Buddy to carry got me thinking it's about time Mensa gets introduced to her own pack. She's still a bit too young to be carrying any weight or going on real hikes but I figured it was a good time for to get used to wearing it.

I loaded Mavis' old pack with a couple empty pop bottles (to take up space without adding weight) and some of her favorite treats (so she knows why she's carrying this thing) and headed up to the local mountains.

Mensa acted like she didn't even notice her pack, which is exactly what I wanted to see. But I'll bet she thinks she would have caught all the squirrels she chased if she hadn't been wearing it.

Our walk took us to a waterfall. It's kind of tricky getting to the base of these falls, especially for a dog, but she did fine.

And, of course, the short clip (now that I have a camera that shoots video):

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ok - where in Ca do you live??? You have the best scenery in your pictures!! She looks like a profesional with her pack on - glad it went well :) She is such a pretty girl and lucky for her she lives with you and will get to go on lots of adventures :)
Thanks, Jenny.

We're about 60 (100km) miles east of L.A. Where we went today is only about 15 miles (25km) up the road but several thousand feet higher in elevation.

Mensa is lucky she came to live with me. Her breeder told me she had to decide between me and two lawyers as to who would get her. I won out because she thought the lawyers spent too much time at work when I'm out screwing around. Like today.
awww! that suits her very well! She looks great! and Mensa is a very lucky girl to have a owner like you! good choice! :) Duchess would probably decide to stop drop and roll forgetting that she is carrying something that may not go well with crushing it and rolling around :)
She is posing so nicely in the video! LOL

Love the second photo - she has her sweet ears on...
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Chaz I am SO continually jealous of where you live. I am gonna live in LA some day and I will definately have to check out the redlands and that area. Wow, just wow. Mensa looks awsome too. Good luck with the pack, dosnt seem like she minds it a bit.
She is beautiful!! And she doesn't seem to even notice that she is carrying her pack!!
How old is she?
Beautiful pictures and video, I would love to have a place like that near me; I love that waterfall!!
Great pictures and beautiful scenery! I always love when dobes wear their packs. It reminds me of the Doberman movies :)
Don't know what to say mate i'm running out of superlatives to describe the pics you take,and she is looking really fine and all grown up,I hate you!!!:):) all the places you get to with your dogs,it was just this time last year that we were up in the mountains with the girls and had the best holiday ever.(I don't think it's hate just ENVY!!)
I think your girl is just stunning....and for sure her breeder made the better and that dog have the life! You take awesome pictures!

Greaaaaaaaaat shots. The breeder made the best choice. I`m sure Mensa thinks so too.
Have you sent the breeder any pics from one of your hikes? I'm betting it would make her feel awesome about her decision!

Mensa is beautiful, btw.
Those look like fun. She looks like she is thinking "are we done yet?" in that video. Cute
My breeder sold a dog to a lawyer... She said never again. Tell yours she made the right decision.

My border collie was pack trained, and he loved it. I'm waiting until Cash is physically more mature (18 mos). I'm sure he'll love it.
When she gets older she can go on her own vacations. Just make sure she takes her cell phone charger. You little workin dog, you!
Great pics as always Chaz.........she looks fabulous all "geared up" and ready to go.

FYI, I am on her side........if the pack wasn't in her way causing noise & distrations, she would have caught every squirrel she chased :D
Chaz, I want to be a dog in your house. I think your breeder made the right decision! :D
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