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Hi Dobe lovers,
I am just at the right time I believe to start to look for a reputable breeder, if I can explain briefly my history with Dobes.

My last beautiful girl “ Kasha” of whom was part of my family until last September, passed away at 11 years old, I was of course devastated, her back legs gave in and she had also developed DCM in the latter months of her life. My previous girl was not quiet so lucky with age, “ Lola” passed at just shy of 7 years old again she had DCM but it came in rather quickly and severely. Having both of these girls in my and my family’s lives was an ultimate privilege and total devastation when they passed. I had said I would not get another dog as the grief is too upsetting. But!! I just feel a big part of our routine and our lives is missing, we have had Dobermans in my family growing up with my now adult kids for over 17 years and we have a big hole to fill. I miss the welcoming smiles in the morning as we come downstairs, the pressing up against my legs, the walks, and the overall love and friendship that both my girls had given us all plentifully.

That said I want to be as diligent as I possibly can in bringing another Dobe into our family, of course I’m realistic and we can never guarantee health of a dobe, but I do know using a reputable breeder that knows there lines and there history will some what limit health defects. This is the tuff part for me and I’m nervous about getting a pup, it’s a huge decision as hopefully we will be together for as many years possible.

apologies for the rant but looking to see if any folk here have any recommendations, or can point me in the right direction? I will wait for the right litter, and our Dobes live inside therefore I would prefer a puppy that was docked but not cropped ( apologies if that offends anyone) but I’ve seen my buddy’s dog smash his tail and bleed so many times.

many thanks in advance

Big Lil pup
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Hi Jason. Welcome from the Pacific NW.

I am sorry for the loss of your girl Kasha. You appear to be from the UK. Is that correct? If so, I can't help you with breeders.

BTW... You certainly aren't going to offend anyone here by wanting a pup with a docked tail! LOL.

John Lichtwardt
Portland OR
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