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Finding a breeder in BC

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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me find a reputable breeder in British Columbia (preferably in the lower mainland). I've been sending out emails for about a week and I've only received one reply, which stated that they are no longer breeding Dobermans. I would appreciate any help/guidance anyone can offer as I'm having a tough time even getting in contact with breeders at the moment.
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Cherie Holmes in Duncan, BC A listed breeder on the DPCA Breeder Site.

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I've moved your thread to the breeding/breeders section.

A couple of things. First, just wanted to say that it can take longer than a week for breeders to respond. Keep in mind that they have dogs to take care of, real jobs, lives...give them some time to respond. I recommend following up with a phone call after a few weeks if you still haven't heard back. Some breeders simply aren't good at email, either. They may get such a huge volume of email that they may accidentally overlook an email, too. One breeder I know of right now is literally getting 20 inquiries a day (and that's on top of all the other email people get in a regular day...that's a lot!). If you are really interested it's worth a follow up call to say you're really interested in chatting with them at their convenience.

Another good place to look for breeders to contact is the Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada: They have a breeder referral.
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Last I heard, HQ Dobermans has two puppies still available ([email protected]).

Radhy might still have a couple of puppies in Illinois: Rahdy's Dobermans & Swathrun's English Cockers, shobrina, grooming, boarding - Barrington Hills, Illinois

Raindance is expecting a litter (

I think Andella Dobermans just did a breeding in Michigan.
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I got Adele from Megan Wheeler of Ka-tet Dobermans in Surrey and I'm very happy with Adele and her breeder. Megan has co-bred with 5AM Dobermans. FiveAM Reg'd Dobermans | Doberman Breeder in Peachland, BC
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