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Finally Kaleesi is in the House!

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It feels like forever, but at long last I have Kaleesi from San Diego county home with me! Picked her up at the airport in Atlanta on Saturday. She's a sweetheart at age 3 months (born June 19th).

Fortunately for me, she is already potty trained. My doberteen Dexter is starting to accept her, trying to get her to play. She's considering it.

Any suggestions on helping smooth this "new dobe in the house" transition is appreciated! Dexter hasn't been as welcoming as I thought he'd be!

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Hi Kaleesi!

What a cutie she is!

Hugz to Kaleesi!
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I'd do slow intros and very limited monitored contact at first use ex pens or crates for the pup until Dexter gets used to her presence.

Kaleesi is adorable !
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Thank you, what puppy isn't adorable?

This is my first time owning a dobe puppy. My dobe history includes 2 that I got as doberteens, just before their second birthdays. The first was a rescue situation, a breeder re-home; and the second (Dexter) was much the same, he was in pretty bad shape when we got him.

So I'm not used to this, especially getting these two dobes to get along. Dex showed a rather ugly side when Kaleesi had the nerve to walk into "his" kitchen. So she stays away now. And when Dexter tries to get her to play outside by acting, well, playful....she just shies away, holding a grudge. Tho, she does show interest.

I never leave them alone and I'm making sure Dexter gets plenty of attention. When my husband gets back in town, it will be another tense situation. Dexter is VERY jealous of Kurt, doesn't let other dogs get near his dad.

So, we will have to be very vigilant about monitoring them together. It's hard to walk the line between letting them work it out, and providing special supervision.


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She is a cutie!
Is she a Montwood/Arista pup??? They are the only one I know of in SD. If so. . . is agility in her future???

She is a doll!
No, Jenny, she is the first litter for Delmira Dobermans. The breeder, Donn Fuentes,
competes in SCH, and she picked this pup for me based on the fact that I hope to do SCH, but I am also VERY interested in Agility.

I will lean on some pros to help me evaluate Kaleesi to see what she seems to prefer.

I've been looking for a pup for over a year, and I just clicked with this breeder.

My husband, who still plays Rugby, says that if we do Agility, he'd be willing to do the actual show events since he's a faster runner than me, and our other dobes seem to worship the ground he walks on.

Does my husband want the applause of the show ring, yeah, I'm suspicious.
She's gorgeous! Congratulations on the beautiful new addition!
She's a very lovely puppy!!

I would be very concerned for her safety since you indicate Dexter is already a pro at guarding resources: your kitchen, your husband, etc. For instance, if Dexter has been allowed to prevent other dogs from approaching your husband, this behavior has been strongly reinforced and he may resort to hurting the puppy if he thinks she will approach your husband. Personally I would never permit one of my dogs to guard resources in the house or anywhere else for that matter. The humans should decide when a puppy can enter the kitchen or approach a certain person, not Dexter. These behaviors need immediate attention. In the meantime KEEP THE PUPPY SAFE!! Hope Dexter is crate trained so that you can put him up and let the puppy have some freedom while you are working on retraining Dexter. The puppy can easily develop fears at this age so she should not be in an anxious state all the time wondering if Dexter is going to go off on her. A good trainer could come out to your house and help develop training plans for you.

BTW, this puppy is NOT HOLDING A GRUDGE when she refuses to play with Dexter outside. Puppies do NOT do that!!! She is simply working on what she has learned: Dexter can go off on her and she better watch her back - staying away from him is the safe way to deal with his aggression toward her. Please understand that this can cause her to be fearful of all dogs as an adult if you don't take her out to socialize her in a safe setting such as a puppy obedience class.

You have your hands full but the training work will really be worth it!! Good luck!
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