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Feeding other dog.

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I've been feeding Summer first before feeding Jordan. I did leave Jordan out the first time to let him know that she was eating and just kept him away myself. Since then it is a lot harder then I remember this being. Summer does occasionally eat in the garage (her personal sanctuary by her choice) but usually the kitchen. Today I tried crating him while she ate so I could shower and just felt cruel since he could see her eating.

I've read some of the threads but wondered if there were any specific puppy/older dog feeding instructions. Previously since adulthood my dogs ate together. I honestly don't remember how I did it when Cleo was a pup. Of course now I've got puppy food and senior food (which Jordan did already try out) which I don't want to interchange. Any nifty ideas?
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I have 7 dogs, and they all eat in their crates.
I don't think there's any real trick to it. If you want your dogs to eat together, then put the bowls down and feed them together. That's what I've always done, right from the first day a new puppy enters the family.
I usually feed my dogs together right from the start, too. When Monte first came, he had a habit of trying to eat from the other dogs' bowls. The Iggies growled and warned him off, but my Mic let Monte eat his food. I just kept taking Monte by his collar back to his own bowl, and also watching him so I could grab him right before he made his move. The behavior was eventually extinguished.
I have 6 dogs they all feed together in the kitchen even the new puppy and are quite happy to do so , do have to watch the older ones as they are greedy and will eat the pups food .
Thanks. I did this again tonight and it just took persistance and eventually he lost all appetite and just ate his later. He'll get it eventually I guess. That senior food is just to tempting.
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