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Favorite game...

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Thought I'd share FiFi and Uncle Bob playing their favorite game....

Chasing one way.....

...and chasing the other way....

Nothing but mud left on the path. They spend hours doing this, love watching it ... no wonder my Pug isn't fat!
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What a great workout!! Especially for Uncle Bob!!
HAH! awww the teams dont look fair to me :) poor little pug lol jk :)
That would be an excellent work out.
In the pictures (I'm sorry, not very good), it looks like Uncle Bob can't keep up, when the truth actually is that most of the time he's right on her heels.... silly pair.
Don't underestimate the speed of the smaller breeds. Am amazed how the terriers can take off and stay right behind Java's heels when she wants to run.
I used to have a Jack Russell with 2 Dobes,it was such a mismatch,so unfair on the Dobes being run around by the Jack.
Aww looks like fun!! Love Uncle Bobs face in the first pic :)
Good action shots! I love pugs and love his name. :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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