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Eye Boogies

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Orson always has lots of eye boogies, I remove 2-3 everyday. In the morning he always has at least one HUGE glob in the corner of one of his eyes. THe morning boogie is like a glob of thick snot........(I know GROSS)

I have mentioned this to the vet, and he says it's normal.........I just wanted to hear from you guys that your dogs have this too! Orson is still a baby (turning 8 months soon) so I was wondering if it is age related or what.
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Oakley, (almost 6 months) gets them really bad too... I'm constantly wiping her eyes... My 5 year old got them a lot when he was younger but not so much now... dunno if this helps just wanted to let you know you're not the only one :)
Java seemed to have them more when she was young (she's 20 mos now) and they seem to be worse during allergy season. We are still trying to get rid of the fine plaster dust that's floating around from new construction and I'm sure that doesn't help matters.

If it gets really crusty (sorry, that's the only way to describe it) and the lower lid seems unusually red/inflamed check w/ the vet - dogs can give each other conjunctivitis (pink eye) when in contact @ the dog park.
I have had a few Dobies that had that without an underlying problem but you need to keep an eye on it (no pun intended) I just think it's a Dobe thing.
Thanks guys, I like our vet, but I have learned over the years just because they are a "professional" I do not take their word as written in stone!
Rommel also seemed to have them worse when he was younger. At about 10 months, he stopped getting them near as often. He used to get them everyday.
Storm never really had any, but Ava's eyes goob up a lot. It has gotten much better than it was when she was younger. She turned 2 in October and the goobers are much less frequent.
Ours also had them during our first two years...It seems around when we changed a season, it would happen. But now, we seldom have anything major at all. I wonder if its more of an allergic reaction that they need to be accustomed to after a while...and then it goes away...who-knows
******* get's them almost everyday...big ones! I just think dobies are more sensative to the environment that they live in. I have noticed since we have got a humidifier that they are not as bad.
Mensa used to get them real heavy, so bad I took her to the vet. The vet said not to worry as long as they were a grayish color. If it turns green, bring her back.

I was wiping the corner of her eyes four and five times a day with a wet paper towel.

Then all of a sudden, two or three months ago, she stopped getting them alltogether. Go figure.
All dog breeded with deep eyes get this. Well according to my vet anyway.
I went to him for everything. He was probably wondering where i was if i wasnt in atleast once a week.
Pollo gets them and Cody used to. Chaz is right, as long as it is greyish in color you're ok, if it turns green you need to get drops.

with Cody he had a slight case of entropy (eyelid turned inward) and his eye lashes would irritate his eyes. it does seem to come and go.

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