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Can someone please tell me when I am posting a message or reply and I would like to attach a picture from my computer (in my pictures) how one attaches this? When I hit attach image, it only allows me to go to a URL

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Hi Dillon,

my english is not the best but i try to explain you somethings ...

At the first post you ask what some words and titles mean...And the most of this dobermann come from Europe..speciall from East Europe..

When you looking for European Dogs and pairs who got the most titles,than you must be carefully...First the title is not everything and second here in europe there is so much shows and a lot of them got no competition and stay alone in his that means i can get 20 show titles and the dog is not good because all this shows was without a really competition..You must look who win on the biggest shows...

And in europe it is very imopprtant to look the pedigree and specially the health of the dogs at the pedigree over 3 generation...because after 116 years Dobermann breed a lot of dogs are overbreed...

Very important when you dont want that the dog fall down with 5 years is the Health test for heart..a lot of dogs and very good dogs got DCM that is a heart problem and the dog dont get old...The Name for the heart test is

24 hour EKG
Cardio Test

Here some translation for the words..

The important titles:

"ICH or Int Ch." International Champion

"IDC-Sieger" Dobermann Worldchampion

"Cacib" Here you can get your Cacib for the Int.Champion

"CAJC" Champion in Youth Class

"Cac" is a Contry Show-- Small Shows often you stand alone ..

"BOB" Best of Breed

"BIG" Best in Group

"BIS" Best in Show

Baron Nike Renewal is in the last ten years the best dog from Yugoslavia and he is a stud male who make over 600 litters,but now too old and with 11 years his puppys are not the same like he was young..

QUIRINA z TOMKY. TITLES -- Its a dog who win some titles in youth class and only in the country of the breeder... Without working results and without health tests...

First you must know what ist for you immportant...Working or Shows

It is very very hard to get a working dog who are good in Shows...

My think is,first the health test and then everythyng other..


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