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Frontline can be tricky to apply on a short-haired dog like a Doberman, but I use it anyway. My Vet says you can get away with using it every month and a half, instead of once a month. It does work. I'm the one who comes home from the mountains with ticks, they won't touch the dogs.

The ticks around here are pretty good sized (about the sized of this "O"), so they're easy to find. They don't burrow into skin for at least a few hours, so they can be spotted and dealt with before they become a real problem.

I've seen them in summer and winter. I came home from a snow-hike with one a few years ago, so these pests know no off-season. By the time I spotted that one, it was too late. He had burrowed his head into the back of my arm, and I wasn't patient enough to give the usual remedies time enough to work. I tried to pull it out, but his head was stuck in my arm. The doctor had to take a divot out of my arm to get that out.

Knowing they're out there, knowing what to look for, and remembering to check, both yourself and the Doberman, will prevent most problems.
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