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Even though I'm not as active in Dobes as I have been in the past I still usually have at least heard of most active breeders on the west coast from BC, Canada, Washington, Oregon and Northern California.

Evahart rings no bells--I've started asking around but this breeder seems to be pretty invisible..

I believe that in order for a litter to be registered with the AKC that both the sire and dam need to be AKC registered. And I thought there was some language about dogs registered with a foreign registry must be eligible for registration. Most (but not all) foreign registered dogs would be eleigible for AKC registration. But I'd want to know a lt of details about WHY the sire doesn't seem to be AKC registered.

Is there a particular reason you want a "European" Doberman?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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