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I HAD one of her puppies. I got him in December. At four months he started showing hind end weakness, and was still struggling with housebreaking and would step in his feces and not care. At six months he was huncbacked, and totally weak behind with a limp. Xrays showed bad hips and knees. He was also struggling to eat and drink normally. I contacted her and was rapidly made aware of her motivation for breeding. Money. Her replies, while calling me "sweetie" were all over the place. For the dog's sake I had him put down because there was something very very wrong with him that was getting worse. He went under as soon as the tranquilizer was put into him. I walked away from trying to deal with her, as it was not worth it. I have owned many nice Dobermans, and was beyond shattered with this experience.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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