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Hi mahn... And welcome from the Pacific NW.

What greenkouki said ^^^^

IMO... There are too many very good breeders in the region to take a leap of faith in a relatively unknown one.

The breeder of our last 3 males is less than 3 hours from Redding just a few miles North of Grants Pass OR.

Let me know if you would like their website address, facebook page or contact info.

Again... Although I know nothing about Evahart and hence will not comment on the quality of their Dobes, personally, I would hesitate to pull the trigger on what could be a 10+ year commitment with out exploring all the possibilities.

Portland OR

Edit to say: You might want to check out this DT site from a little over a year ago. Member dobebug lists several very good PNW breeders:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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