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Well i think it is wrong to say a dobe is anything but a European line because at the end of every line (if you go back far enough)is a German dobe,just about every doberman in the U.S.comes from dogs imported from the war when german breeders who needed money would sell them to allied troops rather than see them starve to death.
It is wrong to say that Tia's mother is an English line because that side would go back to mainland Europe also.
I am studying Doberman history at the moment and it is a fascinating read.
At the end of the day you look at mom then at dad if you like what you see then you take your chance because at the end of the day who knows what you get,you can only edge your bets.
Chaz your last post hits it on the head, what is needed is to make sure the breeder does a full health check on its dogs that way you are more likely to have a happy healthy dog.
Hope you find a happy healthy dobe to own you soon,good hunting!
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