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I watched it, it was a good show. Lots of good looking dogs. I was very suprised at the way some of the dogs performed a heel, some seemed like they werent very obedient at all while making the turn.

I thought the Dobe was gonna win. :) That was a nice GSD though.


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No way to know, as the group judging on this one is televised live.

These are the dogs eligible to go:

CH A'Monde The Goddess Athena*
CH A'Monde's Avalanche Paola*
CH Aeolus' Arabian Knight
CH Bruda In A Red PT Cruiser*
CH Carly Von Morr
CH Caryola's Kendall Jackson
CH Cha-Rish Star Quest Blu-J'S
CH D'Mascus Kalahari Alisaton
CH Dabney's Phenomenon*
CH Darwin's Love Is A Song
CH Deco's Half 'N Half V Legend
CH Eastwick's Meadow Monster*
CH Foxfire's All That Jazz*
CH Harvest's Justice Is Served
CH Heartfelt Spin V Touchstone*
CH Juris Material Witness
CH Mikadobe's Youcheatedv Amoore
CH Niklby's Burden Of Proof
CH Paradigm Dream Of Breezewood*
CH Perfex Alley Cat
CH Phillmar X-Static*
CH Soquel's Rising Son
CH Van Orman's Flash Back
CH Walkaway's Get The Party Started
CH Wingate's Compulsion

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No fair i can't get any programs like that in this country,people here are a nation of soap opera lovers!!

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I agree brumwolf, tv over here is pathetic, only real doggy event they show is crufts (though i'll be there in person this year instead of watching it:cool2: )
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