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esophogeal motility disorder and reflux

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We recently lost our 12 year old doberman, Max. As the title indicates, he had an esophogeal motility disorder, which means that the muscles around his esophogous were not funtioning properly. He also experienced acid reflux as the sphincter to the stomach had relaxed. Ultimately, the muscle on the valve to the lung relaxed and he got water and / or food in his lungs and developed pnuemonia.

The original symptom was like a roar. I could not find anything about this nor could our vet. We thought that it was respiratory. Ultimately, we took him to a specialist who identified the condition and prescribed medications which helped very much for an extended period.

Basically, he had to take anti-acids for the reflux and sucrulfate to medicate the esophogous. The latter healed whatever burning may have existed while the anti-acids served to minimize the reflux.

Max was the most wonderful dog that we had ever met. We did everything that we could to treat him and make him comfortable. In the spring, blood began to appear in his urine, which we understand had to do with a blood platelet condition that dobermans are prone to experience. Sadly, he did not make it. Perhaps someone else will have this happen and know what to do sooner than we did. More knowledgeable treatment sooner is always better.
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So sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing the info!

Thanks for youir condolences.

I miss Max but still have Chuckles, so things are not as bad as they could be.
Sorry for your loss. May your wonderful memories of Max bring some comfort in this difficult time.:butfly:
The title of your thread is misleading and I believe that is why you not had more response as people think you want to know about it. That is what I thought anyway. Sorry for my lateness. I am sorry you lost your boy after such a valient fight. You did all you could do and that is all you can do. Glad you have Chuckles to help you thru these trying times.
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So sorry to hear of your loss. Max sounds like he had a loving happy home with parents that cared about him :)
Very sorry to hear about your loss. May he rest in peace.
Thank you all for your words of sympathy.
He was a model of serenity, peace and love and we learned
a lot from his quiet example.

I don't know if his condition is common among dobermans.
I looked at all the sites but had no luck in diagnosis
until we were referred to pour vet to a specialist. Even then,
we had to be referred to another. I feel that precious time was
lost because his probelm was not properly identified for some time.

He was almost 13 when we had to put him to sleep and did not
come down with the disease until he was nine. It was a long struggle.
Hopefully, others who might see this will understand if there friend
begins to "roar." He is trying to clear his esophagus of rhe acid, which is
burning the pipe. An endoscopy will determine if there is damage
and whether or not medication for that condition is needed.

We did clear up that problem, but the acid reflux must be strictly managed each
day. Ice water is the most immediate solution to the problem. We used
zantac 75 and, later, the 150. Omeprozal, which is a time release antiacid
that was prescribed for overnight relief creates it's own problems and had
to be discontinued.
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