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Vicious Bitch.
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Well, I'm kind of posting these for DR. I worked on some stuff in TV; here's what happened:

Juno and her SchHI dumbbell:

Too distracting of a background:

Trying to blur the background:

This is really what she always looks like:

Tried some portraits with me mom:

Then went to the barn. But, of course, the lesson was an hour late and I ran out of light.

Claire, the one-eyed barn dog!

Beth, my boss & trainer:

Beth and her 17.2h TB, Teague (who is the most handsome, fun horse. His movement is to die for.) :

I don't know what I was trying here, but the girl on the mounting block made her horse take off with her, then ran him into the fence, and seriously hurdled herself off. :rolleyesww: I hate this lesson, I could never teach these kids.

And to wrap it up, Beth's excellent display of horsemanship.

I have another picture that I need photoshopped.. I'll be posting it elsewhere.

Thanks for looking or critiquing.

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Love the ones where you blurred the background; that looks nice. Geez, did your mother have you when she was 10? She looks like a kid herself. (That's a compliment for her;))

I love Teague's face in that one shot.
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